Valentin Cervellera

Front-end Developer with a hint of design
Good day! 👋
I am a French creative front-end developer based in Paris.
I have had the immense pleasure to collaborate with Oui Will, Altima°, Michele Angeloro, Club Med, MASHVP, Télégraphique, Wonderland., MADE Agency


  • 2017

    Burton Studio

    w/ Oui Will Visit the website

    Creative Front-end development • Preact (Reactjs), Tweenmax, Webpack

  • 2016

    Tokyo Soup

    w/ Michele Angeloro Visit the Demo( live website has been updated to a new version )

    Creative Full-stack development • Tweenmax, Wordpress, Gulp

  • 2015

    Vacarie & Duverneuil

    w/ MASHVP Visit the website

    Creative Front-end development • Tweenmax, Gulp

  • 2014

    KWV Wines Campaigns

    w/ MADE Agency Visit the website

    Front-end development • Angular, Gulp